DIY recipes for the family

DIY Recipes for your Families Health

DIY recipes and resources allow you to act in a positive way when it comes to the health of your family.

DIY chemical free healthcare is an inexpensive, safe and effective way to care for your family.

The number one secret to health – is to be PROACTIVE….take proactive measures…. yes it sounds simple but what does it really mean…

Well it’s quite easy – instead of waiting for that sore muscle, respiratory unease or the bloated feeling consider supporting your body to remain in alignment instead of just addressing the targeted, isolated area when troubles arise.

Consider a systemic whole body approach.

This means taking daily action to support your body, implementing simple rituals and routines to support a healthy body and mind….

Did you know our body systems are connected, that we don’t operate in isolation from each other. Why would this be the case when caring for our bodies. We need to have a consistent, proactive approach to healthcare supporting every part of our body.

Making your own products using DIY recipes is a simple way to support your families wellbeing.

We have to think of our bodies as an innate body system, collectively working together to remain in equilibrium.

We have to commit to reducing our chemical exposure and it all starts within the home…

Recipes we love:

You can print these recipe cards out and laminate them, so as they are used, they are not spoiled. Simply wipe clean.

If you are after single recipes feel free to browse our blog.

Committing to making one product a day, two a week or even a few a month is a really positive step in the right direction.

Buy your ingredients in bulk, recycle your glassware like jars, bottles and sprays and enjoy the convenience of not leaving the house to simple buy another face serum, hand wash or deodorant.

Tahlia Esler wellness advocate and notox educator

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