Why I Love Essential Oils

Why I Love Essential Oils for My Family

As a mum of three kids I was always looking for healthy, non toxic ways to support their growing little bodies, both physically and emotionally.

Essential oils provided me with the solutions I was after without the chemical exposure, harnessing nature’s finest medicine to go to work on our behalf.

If you are looking for safe, effective and affordable solutions essential oils are definitely worth a go.
Having had so many amazing experiences we now share our love of essential oils with others to better their world too.
I talk about the Natural Mumma Toolkit, the kit that ever mumma needs to support her family without compromise.
When you obtain knowledge, information and awareness like this that offers others empowerment and options you feel compelled to share and allow others to benefit also.
One drop costs pennies yet can offer so many benefits.
The goodness and power contained in one bottle is endless and so many people around the world benefit from our personnel use of essential oils.

The ripple effect of this is extensive and you just have to check out co-impacting sourcing and the healing hands foundation to understand what I am referring too.

By utilising doTERRA essential oils your impact on your world is great, not only are you and your family benefiting but you are contributing to the positive livelihoods of many families around the world.
This in itself is why I love essential oils and why I partner and advocate for doTERRA the way I do.

Learn more about what essential oils are and why I choose doTERRA here…

What is an Essential Oil?

If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.

This link provides a great video on What an Essential Oil is.

This philosophy is WHY I share doTERRA. We have a gift to share with every family in the world so they too are empowered each and every day to care for their families health. But the knowledge and experiences we gain through this process allow us to teach others to do the same! And in turn we can make the world a better place!

Why I choose DoTERRA?

After looking at many different companies, what stood out to me was doTERRA’s (click through the list below and see for yourself):

How do I use Essential Oils?

There are three ways to use essential oils..

  • Aromatically (in a diffuser, inhale from hands, add to cleaning products, linen, spray bottles, perfume blends)
  • Topically (Popular areas of application are bottom of feet, neck, forehead or temples, chest and abdomen, arms, legs)
  • Internally (add to water, sparking water, cooking, in a veggie capsule, add to smoothies, milk, tea)
I enjoy all three methods regularly and each is explained in more detail here.

Starter Pack Kit Quiz

If you are unsure what starter pack is right for you then I encourage you to take our Kit Quiz which will identify the best starter pack for you. Not only does it take you through a series of questions which will help determine the most appropriate starter pack based on your needs but it will also introduce you to the versatility of these amazing essential oils.

If you are willing to give essential oils a go you can access them at a discounted price as seen below.

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