Self care for new mums

Self Care for New Mums

As a new mum it is so hard to know what and how to do all the things we need to do!

We get so caught up in what the baby needs and all the washing and chores around the house that we forget about our own self care.

Hopefully my own personal experience in this will inspire you to act and empower your own self care.

Why self care for new mums is key

My first go to at motherhood was fare to say a ‘big learning curve’.

Self care as a new mum was definitely not on the radar.

I think I encountered it all and found myself winding up ill, depleted, rashes on my skin, swollen eyes, frazzled and tired to say the least.

Quick tip….sleep when the baby sleeps and supplement with a wholefood supplement (one your body absorbs)…see my supplement of choice here.

So why was this so treacherous, why did I not listen to those around me?

Because I thought I was SUPERWOMEN!!!

The washing and cleaning doesn’t get done when you have a baby in your arms so when the baby slept I did housework.

Oh boy was that a mistake!

I sacrificed my own health for folded washing.

And totally put self care as a new mum to the side.

So silly!!

When you get a second chance to practice self care as a new mum

In my second go at motherhood after my boy was born, I noticed a massive difference in how I coped and went about my days. I know I had definitely learnt from my first experience but there was definitely something noticeably different about my mood and sense of being.

Even though I was getting just as little sleep as the first time around (if not less as each night I paced the floor for hours) I definitely was better off emotionally.

More in control and alive.

And I know what it was.

My DIFFUSER! A secret weapon that every new mum needs for self care.

You know when you smell a beautiful aroma, maybe a flower in blossom and you instantly feel alive, a deep happiness and its sweeps across your body, and then when you smell something bad and unappealing you are repelled, put off and deterred.

Well, this concept actually revitalised, energised and restored my mental capacity, awareness and mood.

With just something so simple as putting the diffuser on first thing when I got up in the morning that initial smell as I inhaled the beautiful aromas was enough to restore my emotions from the crazy night before.

I often tell people that my diffuser is my most used tool, the one thing every mumma and every household should have.

Self care for new mums MATTERS! and the amazing thing is..

Not only does it support me emotionally, but it also supports every family member in our home. It’s a WIN WIN!

Benefits of diffusing for self care

Diffusing purifies the air and helps support our immune systems.

It lifts the mood and makes you feel happier than if you didn’t have it on at all.

Leave the house to come home to a beautiful aroma works every time.

So my diffuser is my emotional support tool, it’s my ‘turn the brain on’ tool, it’s ‘keep the farm calm’ tool and it’s ‘keep the family healthy’ tool.

Diffusing is definitely something you need to think about doing each day to bring different light and perspective to your day.

Motherhood sometimes feels like groundhog day and those small changes each day – something so simple as a different smell in the home is enough to break the mould and break free from the same old.

Do you have a diffuser?

If you do turn it on today and start to make it part of your daily routine.

If not I’d be so happy to help you out. Just go here and you can get one 25% off retail.

Add some happy smelling oils such as mints and citruses and firs/pines to get your day going.

Use calming oils in the evening to wind down for bed.

The emotional wellness starter pack is a great start but if you want to explore your options you can do the starter pack quiz here

We diffuse each night while we sleep and each child has a diffuser in their bedroom.

They are the bomb and I’m not just saying that.

I love diffusing!

It’s every parent’s dream for both us and our kids.

Happy diffusing.

P.S. Grab our FREE Go-To Diffuser Blend Cheat Sheet here with all my fav go to oils for the home and your family.

Tahlia Esler wellness advocate and notox educator

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