DIY ingredients

DIY Ingredients

So what if I told you there was a way to still care for the health of your family but with out relying on premade chemical laden products?

That you could make your own skin care, cleaning products, air quality, first aid, and health care products with some simple household ingredients that are cheaper and don’t contain any of the harsh chemicals found in everyday commercial products.

I know there’s an aversion to DIY and I know people don’t feel it is more work, more expensive and not as convenient. I am here to debunk all those myths and share with you how easy, cheap and convenient it really can be when you have all the ingredients you need at your finger tips and you don’t have to leave the house.

We have saved thousands of dollars on not needing to rely on ready made products.

Clove essential oil, water and vinegar in a spray bottle makes a mould spray!

Three ingredients create a spray that you can buy ready made from the shops for $8

Yet to make it at home costs $2.

You make dinner for $4 yet a ready made meal with bad oils and poor quality meat is $25

The concept is the same – you pay a premium for convenience yet you compromise on quality.

Air quality – what air do you breathe in your home? This is the one place we actually have control over the pollutants.

It amazes me and most people I know to think of the products available on the shelves are marketed as safe to enter your family home 

Now this is no fault of yours, you don’t know the dangers when they are not apparent to you – these products have high profit margins and are well marketed.

But did you know?? Cheap artificial fragrances that leave your home smelling amazing – so the marketing tells us – are actually highly toxic to the human body.

Did you know that artificial fragrances found in cleaning products, wall plugins and candles cause your kids to go into puberty early, disrupt menopause and your cycle as well as cause cancer, poor immune system and respiratory systems.

Perfume is one of the worst!! And yes, I know you are thinking how you could ever function without your fav perfume, the identify you have carried for so long but I have a solution for that too so stay here with me…

Skin care wow what a hot topic but one we have to cover….

Anti aging is the buzz word here we all want youthful skin and less wrinkles – but is botox the answer? Are expensive products the solution? Concoctions of chemicals promising the world? The most youthful skin doesn’t come from rubbing chemicals all over it twice daily – it comes from nurturing it will natural remedies that help the skin cells thrive!

Tell me how toxic chemicals create better skin, chemicals that are foreign to our bodies, chemicals that cause havoc to our cells, chemicals that disrupt their natural makeup and function?

I think not -let’s break this down…

How many chemicals do you think your body is exposed to on a daily basis just through skin care and hygiene products alone? The answer: Hundreds!

What is you could simple support your family from the comfort of your own home with natural remedies for tummy, ear, respiratory discomfort, immune support, head tension, emotional and physical wellbeing,… everyday ailments that we can take control of with simple natural remedies…..

All we need is some simple ingredients and we can mitigate the need to continually rely on premade products…

For example….

  • Cleaning…..vinegar, bicarb soda, essential oils and distilled or filtered water etc.
  • Skin care…carrier oils, essential oils, castile soap etc.
  • Air quality – a diffuser, essential oils etc.
  • First aid and health care – filtered or distilled water, essential oils, colloidal silver, fractionated coconut oil etc.

So where do we get these ingredients?

  • Unscented castile soap – I use Melrose
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) – I use doTERRA (join and save to get a 25% discount)
  • Essential oils – I use doTERRA (join and save to get a 25% discount)
  • Colloidal silver – Health food shop
  • Vinegar – Supermarket (2L white)

Recipes I have them all for you for whatever you wish to tackle, bundles are available very soon.

When it comes to essential oils – you must know that many on the market are adulterated, meaning they are created in the lab from artificial compounds. Why?

Because it is cheaper.

But what this means is when you use them they are not effective, they do not give you the response you are looking for e.g. Lavender for calming the nervous system, if the levels of constituent linalool are low then you will not get the relaxed feeling, however if the oil is pure you will have high levels of linalool and therefore the effects will be instant.

When we compromise on quality we compromise on effectiveness. As well as exposing ourselves to more artificial chemical-based compounds that are detrimental to our health.

So make sure you use an essential oil brand that is pure, potent, effective and unadulterated, as well as transparent with where the oils comes from and what compounds are in each batch. I choose doTERRA because they are the only essential oil company who are upfront about their oils, they are not compromised and always are effective and responsive. They are the only essential oil company to have their oils listed with the TGA for oral use, like lemon, peppermint, lavender, fennel and roman chamomile. This is a brand I can trust to support our families wellbeing.

So choose wisely and choose ingredients that will support your health not compromise it….

Tahlia Esler wellness advocate and notox educator

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