essential masterclass

Essentials Masterclass

Sick and tired of navigating health issues?

Tired of spending too much money on appointments and too much time in waiting rooms?

And still, you have no answers!!!

Not satisfied with the mask the symptom approach!

Believe there is a better way to live!

AND your gut feel is to go natural!

Then this masterclass is for YOU!

I show you exactly how we care for our family with natural solutions!


We are empowered in our home to live without chemicals.

We are using solutions that are safe, effective, and more affordable than current modern approaches.

If the body is all ready compromised why introduce chemicals?

Surely that isn’t the long term answer.

Hi, My name is Tahlia Esler and I am a chemical scientist by trade but now I teach families how to eliminate chemicals for better health and teach how YOU, yes YOU, can care for your family from the comfort of your home.

Want to know why we don’t have a family DR?

Want to know why we never buy products from the chemist?

Seeking the freedom that health brings for you and your kids?

All I ever wanted was to give my kids the best chance to live the life of their dreams with good health and to follow their passion.

Do you feel the same? Our kids are our LIFE!

So how are you feeling? Do you want to do what’s required to help your kids thrive?

OR sit back and in years to come, with regrets, wishing you had taken action?

If you are ready to ditch the chemicals and use natural solutions then please register for our FREE Thursday night Masterclass @ 8pm and I cant wait to see you inside the class.