gluten free carrot banana muffins

Gluten-Free, Carrot and Banana Muffins

Have you been looking for some trusty gluten free banana muffins (with a little veggie in there) recipes that the kids will actually eat?

Well look no further because my kids adore these and I love how the banana adds that extra sweetness in there..

This gluten free muffins recipe is amazing for the school lunch box! Or just a healthy snack!

Stop worrying about the effects that gluten snack will have on their little body and send something wholesome and gluten free to school OR just keep them for a treat when they get home!

Grate the carrot really fine and they won’t even notice! Definitely don’t tell them it’s in there. This trick is great for the fussy eater.

We accidentally did that with our boy and now we only make gluten free banana muffins ?

If your fussy eater is anything like mine then the fine grated approach with the carrot is a handy trick.

We have prepared a little video for you showing you the steps to create your own gluten free carrot, banana muffins so I hope that helps you create these little gems in the kitchen.

We make them with the kids too and they love getting involved. When my fussy eater is helping I just add the carrot at the end and stir before placing it in the oven.

Grab the recipe card here so you have it on hand, even laminate and add to your recipe folder for convenience.

After another muffin recipe click here. This one is also gluten free and is made with apples and dates which is all the sweetness you need for them to pop with flavor.

Let us know what you think in the comments below…

Happy baking!

Gluten Free Carrot Banana Muffins Recipe Video – Here I step you through how to make your own yummy muffins
(grab our recipe card above)

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