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Can you use Essential Oils for Teething?

Can you use essential oils for teething was a question I asked myself a little later in motherhood.
See my journey with my firstborn was literally a quest, trying to find natural solutions to care for her little body.
I was not interested in chemicals! Having the knowledge about toxins and what chemicals do in the body, unnecessary chemical exposure was not something that I wanted for my newborn baby.
So the quest began; searching, researching, listening to podcasts, and absorbing information to find the solutions I was looking for.
It wasn’t until on one podcast, a lady spoke about using essential oils with her kids and how effective and natural they were.
This was when I knew I had to find out more and find the purest, natural essential oil brand available.
After trying different brands I was still on the quest for something truly transparent, ethically sourced, that was backed by heart, a true company that gave back and impacted those around the world.

Essential oils for teething, how they can offer amazing support for your baby

It was through this research that I realized the power of essential oils for teething.
The amazing lady on the podcast spoke about how they had used these natural remedies to support their children in times of need: as a first option before reaching for something chemical-based.
So after learning this information I was eager to get some essential oils to support teething for my daughter.
Every teething gel product I found on the market was full of chemicals and preservatives and I was not keen to use this with my daughter.
After the unsuccessful attempt of finding something natural online, or in health food shops, I was super keen and so excited to think that essential oils could support her successfully (without the use of chemicals).

Choosing an essential oil brand

The next thing I had to work out was which essential oils and which brand of essential oils would be best. Given there were so many options on the market and so many warnings about adulteration and products saying they were 100% when they weren’t, I had to be thorough in my research.
I found it hard to get good reliable information about essential oil quality and purity from many websites online. Many times you would purchase oils online and have no idea where they had come from, what’s actually within the bottle, and if indeed they are what they claim to be.
I tried many brands before I found doTERRA. The one thing that caught my eye with doTERRA was the fact that they were so transparent and would tell you exactly what was in the bottle.
In fact, they give you access to your batch test results, which was extraordinary compared to what other companies were offering.
With my chemical science background this transparency, seeing the GMC charts and understanding the composition of the oils, proved to me that they were 100% pure oils.
The PDF details supplied on the source to you website is phenomenal as the PDF documentation is third-party tested and the reports prove that doTERRA essential oils are not adulterated in any way.
As a consumer, this gives us incredible confidence and reassurance. It confirms that we are using something non-toxic, and chemical-free on ourselves and our family and for many this is up most priority as we endeavour to raise our kids without unnecessary chemical exposure. 

Best essential oils to support teething

The next step was to choose the best essential oils to support teething and this is where my research continued. Today our favorite go to’s are Lavender, Frankincense, Copiaba and Siberian Fir.
Lavender is extremely gentle and supportive and has amazing relaxing and calming properties
Frankincense is a very treasured oil that offers incredible support both in regard to inflammation and the immune system
Copaiba works on similar pathways as cannabis oil in the body and is extremely powerful at supporting an inflammatory response and soothing your body
Siberian Fir is amazing for discomfort and is extremely soothing
When you combine the four of these oils together you create a great blend that you can dilute with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil (FCO).
I personally place 1 drop of each essential oil (4 drops in total), Lavender, Frankincense, Copaiba and Siberian Fir in a 10ml roller bottle and top it up with FCO. I apply the roller around the jawline, behind the ears, and under the chin and rub in well. Massage it in over 20 seconds and this will ensure the oils absorb well into the desired areas.
This blend has helped all my children in significant ways and it has allowed us to stay clear of chemical-based products.
This is incredible as a mother to have these options at your fingertips
As a mum, all we want is to have the tools we need to support our kids when they require help.
The essential oils allow me to be proactive in supporting my kids at any given moment.
And of course, as they are 100% natural, this means I’m supporting their little bodies without toxins, without chemicals that I know disrupt hormones and growing little bodies.
So what do you choose?
I choose natural always! In every situation, I try to use natural solutions first.
We have so much uncontrolled chemical exposure in our lives, why add to this compounding effect if we can avoid it.

Chemicals cause disease and I'm very much committed to being on the front foot with what we are exposed to as a family!
I’ve never had to go to the next step which is absolutely incredible and it says so much for the product and its efficacy.
So if you have resonated with this and you are interested to try using essential oils to support your kids, then I would suggest getting an essential oil pack to start.
The starter packs are great as you can use them for so many things, much more than just teething! Check them out here.
Once you know what you want to start with you can go to the wellness advocate page below and create your wholesale account to get 25% off everything.
If you already know what you want to start with click below to set up your wholesale account.

I hope so much that this has been helpful and that you really invest in natural solutions for you and your family.

Tahlia Esler wellness advocate and notox educator

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