Other Oily Tips

Essential oils are so versatile. We have:

  • Made over our medicine cabinet (we never go to the chemist)
  • All cleaning products are now DIY and the essential oils when combined with ingredients such as vinegar, castile soap and bi-carb soda are great for cleaning. Ideas here.
  • Made our own deodorant and toothpaste, body butter, face wash, face wipes and the list goes on… Ideas here.
  • Use for mood management and sleep. You can diffuse or apply topically before bed to assist with a good nights sleep.
  • Use in flovouring drinks and food the flavours are so authentic. Ideas here.


To give you some more ideas, I asked a few oily lovers to tell us their favourite oil tips and uses…

Clay Esler – “Apply 1 drop of Vetiver to your big toes before bed. Great for a restful nights sleep.”

Rebecca Maggiora – “I am really loving lavender peace at the moment and how it helps my little man to go to sleep. I just rub it on his feet for his day sleeps.”

Kirsten Milner – “A few drops of tea tree (melaleuca) essential oil under the steam mop works a treat.”

Sally Brooks – “Eucalyptus I use a lot either by rubbing it on my feet or in the diffuser to clear up a blocked nose. I also enjoy using lavender peace on my feet to help sleep and OnGuard to fight off a cold.”

Shane Griffin (aka dad) – “Combination of coconut oil and frankincense on itchy bites is very effective. No more itching within minutes.”

Debbie Griffin (aka mum) – “Applying Ice Blue (deep blue) essential oil or rub on hands for arthritic relief has really helped.”

Alicia Goodwin – “My favorite uses for the oils are:

  • Topical apply to feet a combination of OnGuard, oregano and frankincense diluted with coconut oil for a great immune boost.
  • Lime Oil and olive oil for salad dressings.
  • Drop of frankincense in moisteriser and foundation for it’s amazing skin and anti-aging properties.”

Kristy Neville -“We love a drop of lemon or OnGuard in a bowl of water, then we add sliced apples, drain the water and enjoy! They are really yummy and the kids love them!”

Gemma Cowan – “I use the oils in many ways. My grounding type blend includes lavender, frankincense and orange, combined in a little spray bottle with water and mist onto my families faces while we traveled to QLD. I would just use it when we were all getting a bit tired, niggly or a bit overwhelmed. It worked a treat. I also use this combo at home when we have a busy day or if we are all a little emotional and it just calms everything down. My sleep spray is lavender and frankincense topped up with water in a spray bottle. Made this combo for a family member and they love it. They say it really helps them sleep.”

Jess Bailey – “My son asks for that nice smelly stuff you rub on my chest mummy. Can I have some more of that please. Easy air (aka Breath) is very popular with the little ones.”

Kirsty Chaisiri-Clark – “I love the fact that I can add a few drops of essential oil to some goats milk soap and make my own hand wash minus all the chemicals and keep my family as safe as possible. I tend to use lemon or grapefuit for a good zesty burst or even when I make my own washing powder you can’t go wrong with some lavender or tea tree oil. There are so many uses and they’re so good to have on hand.”