vegetable soup for toddlers

Vegetable Soup for Toddlers

Vegetable Soup for Toddlers is something all mums should consider in the early days as part of the introduction to solid foods.

Since our kids were young we have always made our own soups and it is something that they love and is so handy to have in the fridge for their lunch. All our soup recipes use our Bone Broth recipe as a base and we mix and match and create from there!

The goodness they get from our soup is important and we use wonderful flavours like garlic and onion and salt and dulse flakes to create something really palatable!

If you can introduce these amazing wonder foods from the beginning your children know no different and their bodies understand that this food fuels them and they naturally lap it up!

My son cannot get enough of this ”Vegetable Soup for Toddlers’ he adores it!!! And my daughter does too and even more so when she was younger! Now her favourite is pumpkin soup but they all go through their stages! lol I encourage you to try this with your family as it’s delicious and nutritious – full of vegetables this is their daily dose of goodness!!


Simple gather these wonderful fresh ingredients (organic if you can) from your local farmers markets or fresh food stores:

  • 2 Litres Bone Broth (or whatever you have made prior)
  • 2 large brown onions chopped
  • 4 large grated carrots
  • 1 large grated sweet potato
  • 2 medium grated zucchini’s with skin on
  • Half medium grated pumpkin
  • 1 bunch celery chopped finely
  • Himalayan Seaweed Salt
  • Dulse Flakes (full of iodine)


Prepare all ingredients, we use a food processor with the grating function (smallest) for the vegetables. Combine all ingredients into a big pot and simmer until done! Add Himalayan Salt and dulse flakes to taste!

Hope you enjoy this! A jam-packed nutrition bomb! I know I am happy if my kids have had their veggie soup for the day!

Much Love

Tahlia Esler wellness advocate and notox educator

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