How to make Vanilla Extract

How to Make Vanilla Extract (Endless)

How to make Vanilla Extract Recipe by Sarah Draper

Thank you Sarah for kindly sharing your How to Make Vanilla Extract recipe with us. This is so easy and Vanilla Extract is super expensive. How good! Hope you all enjoy this awesome recipe. Thanks again Sarah. Tahlia xo

– 2 Vanilla beans
– Vodka (or alcohol of choice, white rum, brandy, bourbon etc.)
Cut the vanilla beans lengthways and place in a small sterilised jar. An old caper jar or olive jar is perfect but if you don’t have one then cut the beans to suit. Top up the jar with vodka making sure the beans are covered. Store in a cool dry place such as the pantry for 6 weeks or longer.
After the 6 weeks, the clear liquid will now be a dark amber colour. It is now ready to be used.
Now the endless bit… as you use your vanilla extract, continue to top it up with vodka or your alcohol of choice. You will need to add more beans as the flavour weakens but you can add any leftover scraped pods from another recipe to the jar.
Because everyone loves Vanilla this makes a great homemade gift.
Use this delicious vanilla extract in your raw treats, baked goods and DIY products.
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