Essential Oils in Childcare – Supporting Little Bodies

Written by Rebecca Maggiora

Founder and blogger of Refreshingly Nourished. Rebecca and I first met at high school and have been best of friends ever since. Sharing the love of food, health, kids, parenting and sharing so many good times Rebecca and I now share the desire to change lives with essential oils. Rebecca kindly shares her journey with day-care and going back to work and the challenges she faced. After the roller coaster with her son’s health Rebecca was determined to make some change and has done amazing work with childcares implementing essential oils to improve the health of the little ones attending the centre and has had wonderful feedback. Essential oils are an amazing natural way to support the immune system and how amazing to use them in this manner benefiting so many kids. You are doing a wonderful job Becky and are so inspirational. I love how you have embraced the oils and just want to do the best for your family and help others…kids especially. We know how much Leo loves them! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Tahlia xo

When it comes to heading back to work from maternity leave, the last thing you want is your precious little one to be struck down with the dreaded day-care germs. Unfortunately, most kids will pick up many germs and bugs from day-care, resulting in the parents being home from work and often in a doctor visit to check what virus or germs they might have- respiratory, tummy bug, conjunctivitis, hand foot mouth or school sores…my little man has been unlucky to have most of the above.

I can’t even remember how much time I had off work when Leo started day-care (and me returning back to work after the year off), but let me say that it was down to leave without pay and seemed like it was once every fortnight. It was tiring and stressful (both at home having Leo so sick and also with work, having so much time off and the thought… ‘should I be back at work, I feel like I’m never there?’) I always had the Nurofen and Panadol at the ready along with the thermometer and the vaporiser!

Now this is when I wish I started using doTERRA essential oils earlier! The beautiful Tahls introduced me to the oils and gosh they have made the world of difference and Leo responds amazingly to them!

Daily I use OnGuard protective blend oil which I call my immunity booster! It helps keep up the immunity and the germs at bay. I like about two- three drops in Leos bath, which he gaining the aromatic and topical benefits of the oil. At the onset of a snotty nose/ asthma, I get out my ‘flu blend’ of Frankincense, Lavender, Melaleuca, Lemon, OnGuard and Oregano. I have a roller bottle of these oils already blended with FCO (fractionated coconut oil) and is always on the standby to roll on his little feet 3-4 times a day, along with 2-3 times at night- yes I set my alarm to wake and apply when he is sleeping! I find regular applications, the quicker he beats it, the less the severity and the happier he is (albeit a bit snotty!). During the night I have a diffuser on in his room, with Breathe to help open the airways and clear the nose. At the sign of a temperature, I grab my peppermint oil and dilute with FCO and apply to the shoulders, I still can’t believe how rapid this works, to bring Leos temp down.

I’m so lucky Leo’s day-care is amazing and support the use of essential oils as natural medicine and they too apply the ‘flu buster’ roller blend to the soles of his feet while he is in their care… for me, this sure beats Panadaol! Im lucky enough for his day-care to also use doTERRA so they too have a diffuser on throughout the day!

Since using the oils with Leo and my family, we have hardly been sick this year (as I write this in October!) all thanks to the essential oils and their powerful healing benefits.

Rebecca Maggiora

Refreshingly Nourished

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