is your prenatal affecting your babies development

Are your pregnancy supplements a factor affecting prenatal development?

What to look our for

A big tip I want to highlight for you here is to choose your prenatal supplements wisely. So much information is now being shared around the impacts of how certain pregnancy supplements may be a factor affecting prenatal development in a growing baby.

As a mum our decisions are important as we are wanting to whole heartedly do the best we can for our babies health.

This is definitely the case for women however sometimes we don’t take the extra effort to research products and often accept them as best because they we recommended to us by a practitioner.

Just be mindful of common brands with high levels of folic acid and lots of synthetic vitamins and minerals.

A little story for you

When I was 6 weeks pregnant with my second child I was lacking so much energy!

Every afternoon when my one year old slept I would also take a nap.

This was the time that I needed to get chores done but I was so exhausted I just needed to rest.

When the doTERRA Life Long Vitality (LLV) supplements were shown to me I was very interested as they were a three-pack supplement range consisting of a wholefoods multivitamin, high-quality OMEGA blend and a wholefoods cellular complex blend. {I was very excited}

What caught my eye the most was that the supplement contained folate.

The natural form of folic acid.

After having researched folic acid, the MTHFR gene and hearing about the connections with folic acid intake and the lip and tongue ties as well as allergies {did you see that on the news} I was so excited by what I had found.

I was jumping with joy when I read that the folate was extracted from lemon peel ?

For years I had taken commercial prenatal supplements with great hesitation as I was not fond of the high level of folic acid, artificial vitamins, wheat source, soy (could it be GMO), other unwanted chemicals and artificial ingredients.

So you can imagine how stoked I was to find a natural supplement I could use as a prenatal.

Within 7 days of taking the LLV I felt amazing!

I didn’t need my day time naps anymore and I felt on top of the world.

The results were remarkable.

I had also solved another problem that was bugging me and that was replacing my prenatal supplement with a natural alternative.

I had just turned it into a wholefood source to nourish me and my growing baby.

How to check your pregnancy supplements

Are your pregnancy supplements a factor affecting prenatal development?

Please make sure you are checking that your prenatal is folate based or at best folinic acid, not FOLIC ACID.

Folinic acid is better absorbed by the body.

FOLIC ACID causes havoc.

If looking for a pregnancy vitamin in Australia be mindful that folate is not available in Australia (crazy I know) and so a prenatal with folinic acid is the best bet when choosing the best prenatal vitamins in Australia.

Too much folic acid is dangerous and has been linked to tongue and tip ties and allergies as I mentioned before.

The fish oil Omega blend found in the LLV trio is of extremely high quality and third party tested for heavy metals.

These days many common commercial brands of fish oil contain heavy metals which are of great concern to you and your baby.

Fish oil is very supportive of our overall health but it needs to be clean and free from unwanted harmful chemicals.

Energy supplement for pregnancy

The cellular blend (CRS+) which is found in the LLV, is what gives you the amazing energy boost and it has incredible wholefood ingredients in it known to support cellular health and inflammation.

Looking for some more energy? Want to nourish yourself each and every day? Are you pregnant and want a wholefood based supplement that is natural and not chemical-based?

A beautiful everyday support for anyone desiring more energy and vitality! An easy way we can care for ourselves.

Current pregnancy supplements are not what the body needs and is poorly absorbed hence we don’t actually get any increase in energy.  These supplements mat actually be a negative factor affecting prenatal development and this is what you don’t want.

How to access a wholefood prenatal supplement

The LLV product is doTERRAS #1 selling product above and beyond the oils which is amazing. Money-back guarantees – a trail for 30 days, don’t like just ask for your money back. That easy and low risk!

The LLV wholefood based supplement is available with a wholesale account and its easy to set up so you receive 25% off your purchase.

Learn a little more about this amazing supplement from Dr Axe who thinks its amazing. Video here.

Get yours here by creating a wholesale account, the best value is to enrol with a starter pack and order the supplements on the loyalty reward program the month after you create your account (this will give you 50% off). Do however check if there is a LLV starter pack containing these supplements as they often run promos and are considering making a LLV starter pack permanent.

Any questions I’m here to help so please ask.

Tahlia Esler wellness advocate and notox educator

2 thoughts on “Are your pregnancy supplements a factor affecting prenatal development?”

  1. I couldn’t see folate on the back on my ingredients list on these supplements? I just purchased these to use for my prenatal and was wondering if I should be taking a methylfolate supplement alongside these or if there is enough folate alone in the LLV ?

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    1. Hi Cassie
      If you are taking the Australian version it will contain folinic acid, if the US version it contains folate from lemon peel. I personally didn’t supplement any extra folate but some do. I also ate a high folate diet. Hope that helps. Tahlia xo

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