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How to make your own Essential Oil Deodorant

It is so easy to make your own essential oil deodorant that you simple need four ingredients and a few tools.

I’m thinking you are probably aware of the harsh chemicals in store bought deodorants and are wishing to use something that is safe and inexpensive?

If this is new to you and you have stumbled upon this page I urge you to go and grab your store bought deodorant and read the ingredient list.

Have a good look at the ingredients in your natural deodorant or antiperspirant.

If it’s off a supermarket shelf it is most likely to contain Aluminium which is a heavy metal. Aluminium is now linked with Alzheimer’s, and effects the cardiovascular system, kidneys, nervous system, reproductive system and respiratory system. It also impairs the uptake of calcium and phosphorous by the body.

This is frightening when you look into it and changing deodorants is a perfect place to start reducing your exposure to this heavy metal. 

Another chemical formulation that is often included in store-bought deodorants is fragrance. Often labeled as parfum also. Look out for both of these ingredients as they include artificial fragrances that disrupt our hormones and create issues with fertility, puberty and menopause.

I have used natural deodorants for a long time but nothing has come close to how effective this homemade 4 ingredient deodorant is! Even gets the tick of approval from hubby! Winning! Love love love it!

Recommend to everyone and so cost effective.




1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.

2. Once combined transfer into a glass jar

3. Apply paste to arm pits with fingertips

4. Smell great!!

If you are new to DIY, here’s a little secret for you. Many of the ingredients that we use are household staples that we use in our cooking, cleaning and much more. So when you invest in these products (and they are cheap) you know that they will be utilized for much more than just your essential oil deodorant.

In fact the ingredients listed here can equally help you to make your own toothpaste.

Hope you enjoy this easy recipe.

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