emotional and physical support in lockdown

Emotional and Physical Support in Lockdown

Emotional and Physical Support in Lockdown is an important subject for so many right now. Across the world, so many of us have experienced lockdown, and it can have a physical and emotional toll on our bodies. A toll on our physical health and on our mental health.

This is a really important topic that we need to create awareness around.

So here I share my five top tips for emotional and physical support in lockdown.

Tip 1 – Move your Body

My first tip is to move your body. So many of us have been refined to our home, and it’s hard to move your body when you’re restricted like that.

Move your Body in lockdown to support physical and mental wellbeing

However, if you can get out into your backyard or you have a space inside your house, you can move your body in some way.

Yoga exercises, Pilates or even just doing some stretches can make you feel better.

Put the music on and dance with your kids. Enjoy the time that you have. This may be time that you don’t normally have.

Moving your body and exercising is key.

If you have an hour to go and exercise, go for a run to the park, go for a walk with a friend. Do whatever it takes to move your body.

Jump on the trampoline in the backyard with the kids (this is great exercise). Moving your body is key to maintaining physical health and vitality as well as supporting your emotional wellbeing.

There is a strong link between physical health and mental health when it comes to the benefits of exercise.

So it’s very important that we move our body and look after our physical health.

Tip 2 – Sunshine for Emotional and Physical Benefits

Sunshine for Emotional and Physical Benefits in lcokdown

Second tip is to make sure you get some sunshine. Never under estimate the value of sunshine.

This might seem like a very simple thing, but it makes a world of difference and I know this from personal experience.

I know if I go out and get some sunshine, just some sun on my face, on my body it makes such a difference to how I am feeling.

It doesn’t matter if it’s on the front patio, the porch or in the backyard. Just seek out some sunshine and bathe in it.

Just get exposure to sunshine.

If you can manage 30 minutes a day, that’s fantastic.

Exposure to the sun helps with your vitamin d production. Vitamin D is the ‘sunshine vitamin” and so important for our overall health.

It helps with your mood, and it helps with your overall vitality and wellness.

So the second tip is go out and get some sunshine. Make sure you do at least 30 minutes a day.

Tip 3 – Natural Support for Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

Natural Support for Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

Tip 3 is to ensure you are supporting your body naturally, In this time, there’s no need to be smearing chemicals on your body, ingesting chemicals and exposing yourself to unnecessary toxins.

So when you’re supporting yourself, whether you’re not feeling great, whether you just need a little bit of support, physically or mentally, make sure you are looking at natural options first.

You can be turning to plant extracts like essential oils.

You can be using natural products that are already made ready to go.

There’s so many amazing benefits with manuka honey and colloidal silver that we have at our fingertips that we can be utilising to support our physical health.

Take essential oils, for example.

They both have physical and emotional support benefits.

You may have gone for that run, and have a lot of aches and discomfort.

You can take out the ice blue oil that is going to help the recovery of the muscles. Naturally, this is a great option because we’re not adding that chemical load to our body.

Chemicals create inflammation in the body which is detrimental to emotional end physical wellbeing.

We can make better choices.

Choosing candles or incense in your home exposes you to a lot of chemicals and toxins that you’ll be then breathing in while you’re in your confines of your home. Instead choosing something like essential oils in a diffuser, is a great way to naturally support your mood, lift the ambiance of your home all while eliminating exposure to toxins.

Essential oils have an amazing influence on our mood, which happens through our limbic system. This in itself is a great way to cleanse the air and support the mood.

Creating habits around natural and proactive health support is key.

We put the diffuser on as soon as we get up in the morning and they run throughout the day.

We have them on at night also to help promote a restful nights sleep.

The kids love the essential oils, and they are such an amazing tool to support our emotional health every single day.

So tip three is make sure you’ve got some natural support and you’re not adding more chemicals to our already, very toxic environment.

Tip 4 – Nutrition is Key for Emotional and Physical Support

Even though you're in lockdown and you are confined to your home, you still have to look after yourself. You still have to eat good food and give your body the nutrition it needs.

Even though you’re in lockdown and you are confined to your home, you still have to look after yourself. You still have to eat good food and give your body the nutrition it needs.

Lockdown is not an excuse to lounge around on the couch and eat processed food or high sugary foods.

You still need to be looking after yourself, so make sure that your good habits remain.

Make sure you make good food choices.

In lockdown, you are limited and so normal physical activity is likely to decrease. Day to day activates where you would normally move your body have ceased.

For this reason it’s really important that you’re still feeding your body nutrition.

I often get asked ”so what does this actually look like?

Try to eliminate the high inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy, processed sugar, trans fats, and soy.

Make sure you are not eating foods with additives in it. such as MSG, colours, preservatives, flavours, artificial sweeteners. Unsure how to identify these? Use our free guide

Make sure you are drinking good quality, filtered water and are taking a good supplement.

If you find you’re not getting enough nutrients, you are lacking energy, then you are most likely not getting enough nutrient uptake through your food.

And so you may consider taking a good quality supplement.

I personally love to use the lifelong vitality for its ability to nourish my body.

So ensure you are getting the nutrition you need. Eat right and look after yourself.

Tip 5 – Continue to Interact with Like-Minded People

Tip 5 is to continue to interact and socialise with like-minded people while in lockdown. Lockdown is not a reason to hide your self away. We still need human interaction.

Tip 5 is to continue to interact and socialise with like-minded people while in lockdown. Lockdown is not a reason to hide your self away. We still need human interaction.

In lockdown we can really struggle mentally because we’re not getting our normal social interactions.

So find a way, whether it’s video calls, picking up the phone, messaging, interacting in some way.

If you still can go for a walk with another adult, do that.

Make sure you get out of the house when you can and ensure when you do interact, you’re interacting with socially like minded people.

People who think, feel and believe the things that you do.

This is so vital to our health because negative people zap our energy and we need to protect our energy in lockdown.

We need to remain positive. So many of us are impacted financially.

We have lost loved ones. There’s been so much increase in mental health and domestic violence, domestic abuse.

So it’s so very important that when we do interact with others it is a very positive experience.

Make sure you interact, don’t close yourself away, and when you do interact, make sure you’re interacting with like- minded people.

They will lift you up and they will help you, together, we all get through the tough times.

Recap on Emotional and Physical Support in Lockdown

Recap on Emotional and Physical Support in Lockdown

So just to recap on those five tips:

Number one: move your body and exercise. Make sure you move your body in any possible way you can. And if you want to, you will find a way.

Number two: make sure you get sunshine at least 30 minutes a day. Doesn’t matter where you are just go towards the sunshine and expose yourself. Help those vitamin d levels boost the mood. It will be well worth it.

Number three: to make sure you’re using natural remedies, natural support for any physical or emotional needs. And like I said, you can be leaning on those plant based solutions to help you through that time. Having a diffuser running at home is a great idea.

Number four: eat right. and maintain nutrition levels. Make sure that you are not eating inflammatory foods, (recipe ideas if you need some) that you’re not eating foods with additives and you’re supplementing in the right way.

Number five: continue to interact with like minded people. Join community groups, take up a hobby and get to know others who have similar interests to you. Make sure you are still connecting and socialising. This is important for every single person, and we need to find a way to make sure that we are still interacting. We are social beings and it is so important for our mental health that we are still interacting with others.

Emotional and Physical Support in Lockdown Checklist

Hopefully the tips above have been helpful. If you are looking for more ideas please grab our emotional nad physical support in lockdown checklist that provides you with many options and ideas to support your personal journey. Please don’t hesitate to share with someone who needs this information also.

If you would like to hear me talk about this topic please watch our video here:

Hope you find these tips useful.

Tahlia Esler wellness advocate and notox educator

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