Past Tense essential oil is a great natural support for tension and discomfort in the body

Everything you need to know about Past Tense Essential Oil

Past Tense essential oil is a favourite by so many who are seeking support for tension and discomfort in their body. This blog post will give you insight into this incredible blend and how it can be used to support your wellbeing each and every day.

How Past Tense Essential Oil Helped my Husband

When I first learnt about Past Tense essential oil and its possible uses I was extremely excited. I knew it was tailored for head tension which I was not experiencing at the time so I asked my husband (who would always just reached for the chemical based product from the medicine cabinet) to test it out for me. One day when he was making a b-line for the medicine cabinet I stopped him and convinced him to try my new bottle of Past Tense. Reluctantly he gave it a go and needless to say he didn’t go back to the medicine cabinet (ever again). Its been over 5 years and he hasn’t used a chemical based product for head tension again – ISN’T THAT INCREDIBLE! This oil blend has converted the highest of skeptics which is phenomenal in itself! So if you or a loved one suffers with tension and discomfort, try something natural as plants have so much goodness to offer us. Sometimes we just don’t know where to look.

What is Past Tense Essential Oil?

Past tense is one of DoTERRA’s proprietary blends known as the relaxation blend or tension blend. It is made up of 9 essential oils. Wintergreen leaf, Lavender flower, Peppermint plant, Frankincense resin, Cilantro herb, Marjoram leaf, Roman Chamomile flower, Basil leaf and Rosemary leaf. All of these oils are known for their calming and soothing properties.

Apply with caution as the Past Tense essential oil may cause some skin irritation to people with sensitive skin, however this is rare. For first time use apply a small amount to see your how skin reacts. It is uncommon, however precaution is always recommended. I personally use the blend with no issues, but suggest all first time uses to patch test first. If irritation occurs you can dilute a little with some Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) before applying.

FCO is a carrier oil which is used to dilute the stronger oils to lessen the sensitivity when applying topically. FCO is also great for the skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth and non greasy. FCO always remains liquid and does not clog pores. When applying Past Tense, avoid contact with eyes, inner ears and other sensitive areas.

Benefits of using Past Tense Essential Oil

Past Tense was formulated by DoTERRA to help relieve tension and discomfort around the head region and can even avert the onset of a severe head discomfort that is extreme and longer lasting. It has a grounding and balancing aroma which works well to promote a sense of ease and relaxation. Past Tense comes in a convenient 10ml roller bottle for easy application and use. Past Tense is sure to leave you feeling supported and comfortable.

How do I use Past Tense Essential Oil?

Past Tense can be applied to the temples to help relieve tension and discomfort. Because of the soothing properties this oil blend can be great for massages to quickly relieve muscle tension in the back and shoulders. Apply Past Tense to wrists and inhale to help reduce feelings of anxious feelings and stress related emotions.

Its primary applications can be described as:

  • Massage into shoulders, neck, and back for a cooling, soothing sensation;
  • Add to temples and back of neck before taking a test or presenting in public; and
  • Apply to the wrists while traveling for a sense of ease and calmness

My favourite way to use Past Tense essential oil is to apply it before I go to bed. I find the oil relaxes my muscles and allows me to get comfortable after a crazy day with the kids. I apply it to my temples, back of neck, behind ears and shoulders. I also apply to my lower back if that is troubling me.

The amazing blend of essential oils in the Past Tense essential oil blend are tailored and combined to work synergistically to support discomfort and tension. Every time I use Past Tense before bed I have a restful night compared to the nights that I forget to apply it.

During the day it is wonderful for supporting discomfort and the easy roll on application method makes it so simple for me to apply on the go, anywhere that I may be. I carry a Past Tense roller in my bag wherever I go.

My daughter also enjoys the soothing effects of past tense and she often asks for a Past Tense massage on her temples and head before bed. This really relaxes her and the cooling feeling helps her to get a restful nights slumber.

Why I choose to support my Family with Natural Products over Chemical based Products

As a chemical scientist I have always been interested in how chemicals affect our body and what side effects or responses our body can have when heavy metals and toxic chemicals are at play. I know now the detrimental effects of harsh chemicals on the body including cancer, auto-immune, respiratory issues, immune issues, skin problems, gut problems and the list goes on. For this reason I am prepared to do whatever it takes to stay clear of chemical based products.

The concept of ‘fix’ a problem with harsh chemicals has always boggled me. Especially when we have a myriad of proven, ancient remedies at our fingertips that have worked for centuries.

Going back to nature is what we all need to do. Everything we need is already available to us.

So our medicine cabinet is complete with pure, third party, tested, transparent essential oils, along with other plant based remedies that support vitality, health and overall wellness for our family.

Can Past Tense be used safely in pregnancy

I often have conversations with pregnant women about the safety of natural products like essential oils when pregnant. I can only speak from my own experience but for me I was sincerely grateful for my essential oils while I was pregnant. When pregnant your body is constantly changing and adapting and there is a lot of pressure and tension put on your muscles and ligaments. Things are stretching and working harder as your body is carrying more weight and compensating for all the changes.

I was very much in the mindset of, natural first and chemicals later. Meaning if I was feeling discomfort in my body I would reach for a natural product over a chemical based product.

The thing I love about essential oils is that they come from plants and are made of the same building blocks as we are. This means our body has recognition and appreciation of essential oils whith is an innate process. We utilise essential oils to the best of our ability. In the case of chemical based products our body tends to be much more likely to have reactions, and side effects as our body rejects the foreign chemicals that are not familiar to it.

Why pose a threat to ourselves and baby by using chemical based products when natural options are so readily available to us these days. We have heard the stories and seen the results, it all speaks for itself.

Natural will always be better and safer for mum and baby.

Short story….. as I share these beautiful plant based extratcs with others I find myself sitting in workshops listening to stories from women that terrify me.

I vividly remember sitting in one particular workshop hearing form a pregnant women about how she was taking really strong chemical based products for her head tension; DAILY! She hated doing it but could find no relief any other way. She was on the hunt for something natural and in this particular workshop she asked to try the Past Tense. She was sitting there in discomfort at the time.

She placed the roller on her temples and back of neck. Within minutes she called out to me to let me know she was feeling much better and how amazed she was at the speed and effectiveness of the oil. That day she ordered two Past Tense rollers.

Why I choose doTERRA for my Essential Oils

There are so many different brands of essential oils that you can purchase in the world today, however many, as high as 95% of essential oils on the market are altered in some way. If we choose an essential oil that has been altered or tampered with, it can actually affect the beneficial properties of the oil. For this reason the essential oil will not do what we want it to do in our body. You are sacrificing so much when you choose a cheap, inferior brand that alters its pure oil for profit. As you can see, it is so essential that you choose a pure essential oil. 

Personally I use DoTERRA essential oils. as already discussed for good reason. They are one of the top quality brands worldwide. Their oils are unadulterated, meaning they are 100% pure essential oils (in true terms) and are also tested by third parties.

The testing process is very transparent and you can even check up on every single essential oil that you purchase for the makeup and composition. You can do this by going to the Source to You website. Every batch of oil is tested for any adulteration and the results of each oil are provided on a pdf document. This process gives customers confidence and reassurance that DoTERRA is providing us with top quality products which are so essential for good health.

How to get your own Past Tense Essential Oil Roller

If you would like to purchase the Past Tense essential oil roller blend you can do so with a wholesale account. A wholesale account gives you access to DoTERRA’s essential oils at 25% off retail price. All you have to do is set up your own DoTERRA wholesale account and choose which oils you would like to purchase. There are also amazing starter kits available with bulk discount prices. The starter kits are amazing value and also waive the membership fee of $35. This alone makes them a very valuable and affordable way to purchase top quality essential oils.

Click below to access the wholesale essential oil account perks and learn how to take advantage of the wholesale essential oil pricing today.

Tahlia Esler wellness advocate and notox educator

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