Clary Sage is a wonderful support for labour and has been used by many women across the globe as a natural remedy

Clary Sage for Labour

Clary Sage for labour is one of the first things people mention when asking about natural support at the end of pregnancy.

What is Clary Sage Essential Oil?

Clary Sage is a biennial or perennial herb that grows up to six feet in height. Clary Sage oil is known for its calming properties and benefits to the skin. The main chemical component of Clary Sage oil is linalyl acetate, part of the esters group, making it one of the most relaxing, soothing, and balancing essential oils. In the Middle Ages, the Clary Sage plant was frequently used to soothe skin. Inhaling Clary Sage essential oil adds to a relaxing environment, and internal use promotes a restful night’s sleep.*

Benefits of Clary Sage Essential Oil

It has been used traditionally in labour and is very popular essential oil to support hormone balance.

According to Christine Ruggeri – CHHC, “Clary Sage affects the hormones of the body because it contains natural phytoestrogens, which are referred to as “dietary estrogens” that are derived from plants and not within the endocrine system. These phytoestrogens give Clary Sage the ability to cause estrogenic effects. It regulates estrogen levels and ensures the long-term health of the uterus — reducing the chances of uterine and ovarian cancer.

A lot of health issues today, even things like infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome and estrogen-based cancers, are caused from excess estrogen in the body — in part because of our consumption of high-estrogen foods. Because Clary Sage helps balance out those estrogen levels, it’s an incredibly effective essential oil.”

Clary Sage for Labour

Through my own personal research and listening to others’ stories, Clary Sage for labour was a topic that came up in many of the conversations that I had with people and so I decided to do a little further research to understand just why Clary Sage is so popular in labour.

Clary Sage is an essential oil that you can use to support your body around contraction support, strength and health.

It is commonly used by women when their bodies are getting close to wanting to give birth.

It is an essential oil that you would use to support your contractions during labour and many have done this successfully.

Clary Sage oil is an essential oil and in it’s pure form is very potent.

The smallest amount, such as one small drop can be very beneficial and supportive to women in labour.

When we think about quality, we have to think about essential oils being very potent and for this reason you don’t need much.

One 15ml bottle of pure Clary Sage goes along way.

One drop is enough to offer a benefit and support for women leading up to labour and during labour.

Clary Sage is known to be the essential oil of birth and as I researched and realized it’s popularity I was intrigued to look further into why.

When we choose what Clary Sage brand of essential oil to use we have to be mindful of the quality of essential oils available on the market today.

Quality of Clary Sage Essential Oil is Critical

There are many essential oils that you can purchase in the world today, however many, as high as 95% of essential oils on the market today are adulterated in some way.

Meaning they have been changed from their pure form that has been extracted from the Clary Sage plant.

Clary Sage is a single oil and therefore what we get in the bottle should not be altered or changed in anyway.

It should be purely an extract of the Clary Sage plant.

So for this reason we have to be very mindful what we are using to support our body in labour. It has to be pure, free from contamination, fillers and any tampering.

If we choose an essential oil that has been tampered with, that has been altered, this process will actually effect the beneficial properties of the oil and for this reason the essential oil will not do what we actually want it to do in our body.

You are sacrificing so much when you choose a cheap, inferior brand that alters its pure oil for profit.

So as you can see, it is so essential that we choose a pure essential oil.

Essential Oil Labelling Regulations

Something else to be mindful of is the regulations around labelling essential oils as 100% pure.

It is not known exactly what the levels around regulation are however we know that companies can label their essential oil products as 100% pure when the overall solution contains a proportion of 100% pure essential oil, meaning there is room left in the bottle for fillers, adulteration, tampering and other foreign contaminants and when we are using an essential oil for something as sensitive and precious as pregnancy and labour we have to be very conscious about the quality of the oil that we are using.

Essential oils often get a bad name because the quality is poor, the outcomes are ineffective and often there are side effects however with a pure essential oil (that is absolutely 100% pure like doTERRA) and that is not misused, there can be very high beneficial outcomes during labour.

Essential oils are not drugs however they help support the body‘s natural process.

In this instance Clary Sage can be beneficial given its properties to support hormones and intern support the body to do what it needs to do.

Clary Sage is really supportive as your body moves through the motions of labour providing ongoing support for contraction strength.

So many women around the globe use Clary Sage as a natural remedy to support labour and as I personally moved into the last weeks of pregnancy it was something that I stocked up on and utilised.

My Personal Experience with Clary Sage for Labour

I found Clary Sage to be highly beneficial for labour.

I applied a drop of Clary Sage in fractionated coconut oil on my abdomen, you can also apply to your ankles and lower back when you feel like the body needs some support to move into labour and through labour.

Funny story: with my third child I had made up an essential oil solution to support tightening’s and pressure I was experiencing.

It contained Clary Sage.

I was a few days over and figured it was time to get the solution out.

After 15 minutes of applying the solution my waters broke.

It was 11pm at night and you should have seen hubby’s eyes when I told him (hed had a big day flying for the Australian Defence Force) and was very tired.

Coincidence or not, something happened and I truly feel the Clary Sage supported my body in that instance.

If my body was not ready, nothing would have happened but it was clearly ready to move into that next stage.

Why doTERRA?

As I discussed before you want to be using an essential oil brand that is free from adulteration.

I personally choose the doTERRA brand.

I know they are top-quality, in fact they are the very best essential oils in the world, they are not adulterated in any way and are tested by third party entities.

Their process is very transparent, and you can check the makeup and composition of every blend of oil that you purchase by going to the Source to You website.

Each batch of oil is tested for adulteration and the results are provided on each PDF document.

This transparency gives us, as customers, great confidence that the product doTERRA are providing us is top notch.

The third-party testing results that you find on the Source to You website proves that the batch of oil we are utilizing is free from contamination and is un-adulterated.

So when selecting the brand of oil to use, I highly recommend using the doTERRA essential oil brand as they are trusted and labelled safe for use in pregnancy.

We can find extra information on this on the doTERRA website but for me speaking from personal use they are definitely the most trusted, safe, effective and affordable brand on the market.

Getting your own Clary Sage for Labour

If you’d like to purchase some Clary Sage you can do that with a wholesale essential oil account and access 25% off retail. You just need to set up your doTERRA wholesale account and choose the oils you would like to start with. Kits are available also at bulk essential oil discounts.

To make it easy, simply click below and you can check out with a bottle of pure clary sage. If you live outside Australia simply change your location. Other essential oils to consider for support in labour are: copaiba (natural pain support), balance (anxious feelings), basil (back discomfort), motivate (energy) and lavender (calming).

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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