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Welcome to Live Well Love Wellness!

I am so happy you are here to celebrate the launch of our new website, created to share our experiences, stories, tools, tips and tricks with you to help you on your health journey and to show you how easy it is to live healthy and to nurture and nourish your growing little families along the way!

For us, creating awareness is key! When we started on our health journey we were not aware or conscious of the effects our food choices had, what we applied to our bodies and the toxic environment we lived in. After years of research we realise how many people are unaware of the impacts their everyday choices have and often they know no different. So we are here to change this and create awareness, educate and make people question their habits, choices and how they nurture their family. We also know how important it is be be open to new ideas as the nature of being positive about change will see huge shifts in health and overall wellness. So please embrace change, want the best for yourself and your family! Everyone deserves to live life, be happy and healthy and not just be stuck in the paradigm of existence!

This site offers you information on the following:

  • Amazing health articles to help you on your health journey e.g. 101 uses for Coconut Oil;
  • Real life stories from people who are and have experienced health issues such as auto-immune disorders, drug side effects and fertility issues and how clean eating and natural remedies have supported them through (see below);
  • Tips and tricks to healthy eating and nourishing your family through smart food choices e.g. Guide to Healthy Choices;
  • Easy recipes that are yummy and healthy that your kids will love, recipes full of nutrition that can replace your common everyday foods e.g. replace commercial chemical filled icecream with a homemade even yummier version;
  • Nurturing you family with essential oils to keep bodies healthy and immune systems strong (see Essential Oils);
  • How to make over your medicine cabinet so you turn to certified therapeutic grade essential oils and homemade chemical free products instead of synthetic store bought items and save money in the process e.g. After Sun Spray and Nappy Rash Blend;
  • How to support your mood through times of overwhelm, nervousness, anxiety and depression with essential oils and a healthy diet;
  • Share the steps we took to create a healthy baby, starting at conception, pregnancy, birth and all the way through to baby care, we want to create awareness for new mums and dads on what choices they have on there journey to having a happy, healthy baby (and mum) e.g. stretch marks – what’s best for your skin; plus (e-book coming soon- register your interest here);
  • Share our experiences in motherhood and how we can look after ourselves as mothers and practice selfcare in order to stay strong, healthy and happy e.g. Embrace Rest as a New Mum;
  • DIY recipes to help you replace the toxic products in your home like cleaning, personal care and skin care products e.g. homemade deodorant, Multi Purpose Spray, Body Butter, Foaming Hand Wash; plus (e-book coming soon- register your interest here); and
  • Ways to source good quality organic ingredients to ensure nasty herbicides and pesticides are removed from your families diet (see Resources).

As part of the launch, family and friends have kindly shared their own stories and knowledge and the discoveries they made when they set out on their own health quest. I’d like to thank everyone for being so kind, generous and open to share their journeys, tips and discoveries and I am truly grateful to see your stories heard and your knowledge shared as creating awareness is so important to giving people options and showing everyone that their is another way – a natural way that brings health, balance, wellness and gratitude to our worlds. As you embark on a health journey, open to natural solutions and healthy diet you start to see differently, think differently and your world opens up to so many opportunities, love and fulfillment. Please enjoy reading and learning from these inspirational people and share with those you know who are on a similar path and could definitely benefit from the information we are sharing with you….

Thanks to the these amazing people our launch provides incredible wisdom, knowledge, ideas and heartfelt stories. I’d like to thank everyone for contributing. Please enjoy and embrace their stories:

Essential Oils in Childcare – Supporting Little Bodies – by Rebecca Maggiora

Chiropractic for Pregnancy, Babies and Beyond – by Ina Timms

Statins – More pain than Gain! – by Sandy Muir

One – Time – by Jessica Terlick

How Clean Eating Changed my Life – by Tonia Richards

Growing your Own Organic Veggie Garden –  by Shane Griffin

Food for Thought – Connection between Food and our Mine – by Joanne Verrill

Health is Wealth – What having Fibromyalgia has taught me about my priorities and the need for conscious living – by Rachel Knee

PCOS in a Nutshell – by Kirsty Chaisiri-Clark

Life’s Little Curve Balls : Endometriosis – by Megan Tompson

Endless (Never-ending) Vanilla Extract – by Sarah Draper


“May your forever have your health and enjoy wellness everyday!”

Tahlia xo




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