Avoiding Pregnancy Stretch Marks, Dry Skin and Hair Loss

Avoiding Pregnancy Stretch Marks, Dry Skin and Hair Loss

Avoiding pregnancy stretch marks, dry skin and hair loss in pregnancy and beyond are common concerns women have.

Stretch marks, dry skin and hair loss are experienced by most women however avoiding or reducing signs is always preferable.

I have five tips to share with you today to help you on your own journey.

Tip 1 – How to Avoid Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

Stretch marks are inevitable as our skin stretches and allows for our baby to grow.

However we do know that with good nourishment and support we can avoid and reduce signs of stretch marks.

How to Avoid Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

Question 1: Often I get asked, where would I find stretch marks?

My answer: typically around the hips, the thighs, the stomach and the breast area, the areas that stretch while you are pregnant.

Question 2: Where do I need to be supporting my body?

My answer: anywhere your body is stretching and dry skin areas as well.

Question 3: And how do I support my body to avoid stretch marks?

My answer: this is actually different for everybody. We all carry different.

So what I suggest is to get a quality stretch mark oil and give your body a whole body moisturising.

Lathering the whole body to support stretching and dry skin is well worth the effort and this is going to support your skin health as well.

A full body exposure will also capture all the areas that potentially could be prone to stretch marks.

Alternatively, you can be doing those main areas and just see how your skin is going.

Dry skin and stretch marks are strongly associated, so if you’re finding that your skin is getting dry, those areas are going to be more prone to stretch marks.

So my first tip is to nourish your body with a full body moisturise to offer support and help avoid stretch marks in pregnancy, especially in those stretch mark zones.

Tip 2 – Use a Natural Stretch Mark Oil for avoiding Stretch Marks

Tip number two is to choose a nature oil or a moisturiser to support your body.

When identifying a product to use on your skin you need to be aware of ingredients to look out for.

Use a Natural Stretch Mark Oil to help avoid stretch marks in pregnancy

Many products on the market today, including the well know Bio Oil contain many harsh chemicals not suitable for use.

Make sure you are reading the labels, identifying any chemicals, petroleum based products, artificial ingredients that could cause havoc on the body, dangerous to the body or dangerous to you and your baby.

You can use the Think Dirty App to check ingredients if you are unsure.

I very much advise not to be using anything petroleum based and start reading your labels.

25 Reasons why I wouldn’t use Bio Oil for Stretch Marks blog talks about chemicals and ingredients to avoid while pregnant in your stretch mark oil.

You can, however, and this is what I personally did, is make your own stretch mark oil.

How to make your own Stretch Mark Oil

I personally used a combination of doTERRA essential oils and fractionated coconut oil (FCO) throughout my pregnancy (you can use a natural carrier oil of your choice like a jojoba oil or sweet almond etc.) and I can gladly report…..no stretch marks! Yay!

So I used frankincense, lavender and geranium with FCO!

How to make your own Stretch Mark Oil

This combination smelt amazing and nourished my skin.

Not only did it support my skin but the essential oils absorbed into my body and provided other benefits from all the additional supportive properties such as immune support, cellular support, etc.

I used 2 drops of each essential oil in coconut oil and rubbed it all over my tummy, sides of legs…anywhere that was prone to stretching!

Tip 3 – Dry Skin Support in Pregnancy

Tip number three is about supporting dry skin when it arises.

Try not to itch the area as this makes it worse. Use an oil or moisturiser as soon as this itching occurs and this will bring relief.

Your dry skin and itching areas will naturally be supported by your full body stretch mark moisturising if you are doing it.

Dry Skin Support in Pregnancy to help Avoiding Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Oil solution or moisturiser, which ever you choose to use will bring relief to your dry and flaky skin.

You can get very dry, flaky skin as your body stretches, so you may find that you will need to apply more often in those areas.

But know that by using a moisturiser or an oil on those areas, will support not only the dry skin but the stretch mark side of things as well.

So tip number three is to support your dry skin areas in pregnancy as soon as they arise, this will also assist in avoiding pregnancy stretch marks as well.

Tip 4 – Avoiding Hair Loss after Baby

Avoiding Hair Loss after Baby

Tip number four is about hair loss.

Hair loss is completely normal for women, in fact, it’s just part of the body’s hormonal process.

We all go through a hair loss, hair regrowth period, and that is completely normal.

My one tip around that is, start early.

Start supporting your hair early.

Coconut oil is amazing for hair thickness and hair growth, and adding some rosemary essential oil in there is really, really supportive as well.

soften and shine hair mask for healthy looking hair

Rosemary essential oil is an amazing oil, and so is lavender oil you can be adding that to your shampoo, to your hair treatments, running it through your hair after you’ve finished washing it.

Tip 5 – Natural Hair Care is Essential

So the fifth tip I have for you is to think about what you’re washing your hair with.

Using a natural shampoo and a natural conditioner is key.

Artificial ingredients such as sodium laurel sulphate, parabens, synthetic fragrances need to be avoided.

Think about the chemicals you’re exposing your hair to.

Natural Hair Care is Essential

Does your hair feel healthy? Is it brittle? Is it being well looked after?

I am loving using a shampoo bar and conditioner bar. I feel my hair responds well and you can easily order direct to your door.

So that’s my 5th tip, take care of your hair with natural, supportive hair care products.

Recap on the 5 tips to Avoid Pregnancy Stretch Marks, Dry Skin and Hair Loss

So just to recap on that, we have those five tips:

Recap on the 5 tips to Avoid Pregnancy Stretch Marks, Dry Skin and Hair Loss

Number One: so for stretch marks, think about where those stretch mark zones are, and if you can do a full body moisturiser this will support your skin.

Number two: is make sure that you’re nourishing your body with chemical free products.

Number three: is nourish and protect your dry skin. Use natural oils to help with the dry and flaky skin and support any feelings of itchiness.

Number four: is to think about how you are looking after your hair before you even move into that pregnancy and motherhood journey. Do hair treatments often and use something like coconut oil or rosemary or lavender essential oil. to nourish and support hair growth. They will really be supportive for your hair. And then, of course,

Number five: is to use a natural shampoo and conditioner. This is going to really help support your hair health by removing the toxins.

It’s going to take the pressure off your scope and really start to set your hair up for the best process possible hair loss is normal, so you will experience that. But you may be able to reduce or support that process in some way. So hopefully these tips have been of support and help for you today.

And if you would like to grab the free download you can do, I will put the link down below.

And then you can get the whole checklist of tips on avoiding pregnancy stretch marks, dry skin and hair loss below:

If you would like to hear me talk about this topic you can watch my video below:

Hope these tips will be helpful for Avoiding Pregnancy Stretch Marks.

Tahlia Esler wellness advocate and notox educator

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