HYDRATION and how to increase water intake is definitely something I have always struggled with…. getting enough water over the course of the day can be challenging.

Sometimes I just forget to drink in between kids’ activities, meals, kids nap times, etc.

I would often end up looking back on the day and find it hard to remember when I actually drank water that day.

Looking at recommendations for daily intake it’s anywhere between 1.5 litres to 3 litres depending on your size.

For my body weight its about 2 litres and I am around 63 kgs.

Dr Axe says it well when he states, and I quote:

“It’s actually not about how much water you are getting but staying hydrated.

Water is vital for your health.

The biggest side effects of not getting enough water can be headaches, lack of energy, weight gain, lack of cleansing and detoxification, weakened immune response, getting the cold and flu easily, or feeling lethargic.

Proper hydration is so important to your overall health.

To stay properly hydrated, I have four recommendations.

First, I would recommend drinking about half of your body weight (pounds) in ounces a day. I would also suggest you get more fruits and vegetables in your diet, which are full of electrolytes.

Next, I would recommend consuming all-natural sea salts in your food (Himalayan salt or Celtic salt), which helps your body stay hydrated. Lastly, I would encourage you to exercise more.

Exercise can support the process of hydration because movement increases circulation, increasing electrolyte levels into your cells.”

A few months ago I asked my fellow friends on Instagram how they make sure they are drinking enough water each day and a myriad of amazing tips and ideas were shared on how to increase water intake.

The tips were so good I just have to share them with you in the hope that they will also help you.

Water dehydration is a massive issue and how to increase water intake is a common question so many of us ask.

Creating small changes can make a big difference.

So, I have compiled all the tips into a FREE reference document so you can save it and refer to it as you implement some changes.

Hopefully one of the tips will work for you.

To grab your FREE copy just click here (no email needed it will open straight up).


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