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Best Toilet Cleaner

Best toilet cleaner is easy to make, non toxic and leaves your toilet sparkling.

Want to move away from the bleach but not sure how? Cleaning can still be effective without the harsh chemicals! No more head spins from the fumes – Our easy two step approach leaves everything super shiny and smelling great!  

Best Toilet Cleaner

Step 1 – Toilet Surface Spray Cleaning Method:
Combine vinegar and Onguard and Lemon in a 250ml bottle and fill with water. This is your best toilet cleaner for lids, tops and seats. Spray surfaces and wipe clean with damp cloth

Step 2 – Toilet Bowl Cleaning Method:
Toss bicarb soda and 3 drops OnGuard around toilet bowl. Use toilet brush to scrub bowl and under lip as well. After scrubbing use vinegar to rinse and vinegar will froth with bicarb. Now flush and toilet will be shiny clean!!

Too easy!! ??

Tahlia Esler wellness advocate and notox educator

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