Meet Tahlia Esler

Well hello!!!!

So excited you have found me. You are in good hands I promise.

My name is Tahlia Esler, I am a wife, mumma of three littlies, creator, awareness blogger, change maker and my mission is to help hundreds, even thousands of mums to create their own pregnancy, birth and motherhood stories. We do this by creating awareness, educating and decreasing fear associated with becoming a mum.

I provide education, tools and tips on how I navigated pregnancy, natural birth and motherhood and I share my three-point system that takes the fear, anxiety, stress and unknown out of everything. Preparation is key and your toolkit is your best friend.

I teach you how to decrease the chemical exposure in your life to protect bubs immune system in the early days of life to ensure development is strong and health and wellbeing is maintained. The effects of environmental and food-related chemicals on our body is frightening and it’s my job (having walked this before you) to share my knowledge and recipes with you.

I empower you to care for and nurture your newborn baby in the most nourishing ways, teaching you everything I have learned (the hard way).

I am super excited to share my experiences with you on everything pregnancy and motherhood. My personal journey to health, low tox living and mindful parenthood.

My philosophy is simple….

Pregnancy, birth, is all what you make of it.

Become aware, ask questions, stand your ground, own your journey and become informed about choices and options.

Remove the fear by becoming empowered.

You will never look back.

Excited you have found me.

Can’t wait to get to know you a little more.



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