Ordering Essential Oils


If you are ready to take control of the health and wellbeing of your family we can help.

We have discovered a company that prides themselves on bringing you the most amazing essential oils, 100% pure and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG).

This company is doTERRA offering beautiful oils specially formulated to support wellness and intended to improve personal appearance.

We have become a doTERRA wellness advocate so to bring you essential oils and other amazing products to help you and your family experience a natural holistic health care that offers amazing benefits and can empower you everyday.

If you wish to order, the best way is to set up a wholesale customer account membership (much like Costco):

The membership offers:

  • Online orders at any time
  • 25% off retail pricing
  • Access (if desired) to an amazing reward program that rewards you in free product credits for making a consistent monthly purchase (percentage back in free product increases over time, starting at 10% and increasing every three months to an amazing 30% back)
  • Free product of the month
  • Once off orders can be made
  • Best value for money
  • $35 annual membership fee… but

If you purchase an enrollment kit this fee is waived and this is a great way to get your hands on the common oils to support your families health and wellbeing needs. Find the kit selection here.

Find here the Australian product pricing list so you can decide what you’d like to order!


To start your own wholesale account enter our doTERRA site here and select ‘Join and Save’. Follow the prompts, choose wholesale customer account (first option), then you can choose one of the great kits available or the $35 fee and add any other products you may wish to try at wholesale price! There is no obligation to buy again however once you have tried you will be likely wanting more! Make sure our ID is in there it’s 1914216 and links you to us so you get all our ongoing support and access to FREE resources.


It will ask you whether you would like to join the loyalty reward program (which is amazing, free and you get BUCKET LOADS of free product…why wouldn’t you???). Watch this short video to learn all about the program and how you can get amazing value, free products and your postage back. For more info have a read here.


Once you have joined I will send you a welcome letter including all the tools and resources you can utilize to help support your health and wellness.

Please follow like and follow our facebook page for frequent tips and information.

If this isn’t for you, feel free to try the products through our retail link. Enter our website here and click ‘shop’. Please make sure you use our ID number 1914216, if it asks who referred you.

If you would like to know more feel free to email me at:


Happy Oiling!!

Have you Heard of Essential Oils before?


They are simply plant extracts that bring us incredible natural emotional and physical benefits.