Intro to Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds extracted from plants either from the rind, leaf, flower or resin. 

How do you choose a good essential oil?

When choosing an essential oil it is vital that you look for an oil that is certified therapeutic grade as just therapeutic grade is not enough as compromised sourcing and synthetic additives are permissable.

So first find an oil that is certified therapeutic grade and research the supplier you are choosing for quality and efficacy! 

Every oil has specific constituents which provide varying levels of therapeutic effects and to find the oil with the best combination of therapeutic constituents relies heavily on geographical location and sourcing methods. 

So it’s very important to find a supplier that sources from indigenous origins and creates trusted alliances with honest growers and distillers. 

What about certified organic oils? 

The issue with certified organic is that this only requires the solution to be organic and therefore the addition of organic fillers is permissable. True purity and potency comes from certified therapeutic grade essential oils.