Alba’s Oils

Alba has a vast love for essential oils and her dream is to help more kids to live healthy and be happy just like her. Alba believes every kid out there should benefit from these amazing aromas in their life. Alba is committed to helping other kids just like her to reap the benefits of pure essential oils, both for emotional and physical well being.

Alba creates roller blends to can help with everyday problems so to make life more enjoyable for everyone.

Adaptiv – Calming blend used to support anxious feelings. It can be worn as a perfume or rolled on the soles of your feet each day.

Balance – Grounding blend, this supports a relaxed mood and apply as a perfume or to the soles of the feet as often as needed.

Lavender – Sooth and relief the discomfort around bug bites and stings. Apply to affected area as often as needed.

Lavender Peace – Supports a restful nights sleep. Apply to soles of feet, wrists and back of neck before bed or as needed.

TerraArmour – This is an insect repellent roller and can be used to ward off bugs and insects.

Whisper -A natural perfume blend that can be worn instead of synthetic perfumes. Synthetic perfumes damage hormones and have been linked to early onset of puberty in young kids.

All 5ml roller blends have been diluted with fractionated coconut oil to make them suitable for most skin types and safe for kids.

All 5ml roller blends are currently offered at a special introductory price of $5 each and come in their own individual draw string bag.

If you would like to know more or order any of these amazing oil rollers please reach out to Alba on her email.

You can email Alba and order via her email:

With Love